Worship Services



Faith has two Sunday Services - one at 8:15 AM and another at 11 AM.

The 8:15 is more traditional, much like the ones held in a Catholic church, while the 11 AM service is a more lively, not-so-traditional one.


We have our Praise Band play during the 11 AM service; the Praise Team meets on Wednesday nights to rehearse and is always looking for new voices and musicians to add to their talents. Our team is made up of people of all ages - teens to seniors.

(Call the church and speak to Frank, our Music Director, if you are interested in joining the Praise Band.) 


Both services offer Holy Communion, which includes both wine and grape juice. During communion, all are welcome to partake; as our Pastor always likes to remind newcomers, "We wouldn't invite you into our house and not offer you something to eat."



Community Services


We do a lot of Community Service here at Faith. Nearly every day, our building is serving someone in our community. 


  • Our fellowship room is where AA meets 7 times a week. It's usually a full house, and the people who attend are very welcoming.

  • Each August, Faith shelters homeless families through the Interfaith Hospitality program for the entire month. We are just one of the many participating churches in the area that try to help the homeless get back on their feet.

(Read more about Interfaith Hospitality in our OUTREACH tab.)


  • We have groups like the Girl Scouts and the Golden Years Seniors Bingo that meet in the basement hall area on Wednesdays at 12 to 3 PM. The Seniors are open to all people over age 55 and will welcome you with open arms!

  • Faith is host to Never Surrender Hope, a support group for families with drug addicted members. This group usually meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.


  • A few kind members of our church often put together food trays for shut-ins in cooperation with Aid For Friends.

(You can find a link for Aid For Friends in the OUTREACH tab.)